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Nearly Broken Nearly 1. Devon Ashley. Savas's Wildcat. Anne McAllister. His Country Girl. Jillian Hart. Millionaire's Wedding Revenge. Anna DePalo. Returning, The. Ann Tatlock. Deliciously Sinful. Lilli Feisty. Lori Wilde.

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Book Reviewer Login. Your Email: Password: Forgot Password? Not a reviewer? Sign up now! Contemporary: Marriage of Convenience or Proposal. At the Billionaire's Beck and Call? Island of Fala'isi, Oceania. Casablanca, Morocco. Sullivan's Reef, The Caribbean. Farthing Green, England, UK. Dominican Republic. Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. Colorado, USA. Western USA. Papeete, Tahiti. Oklahoma, USA. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Otago, New Zealand. Related book awards Love Story of the Year. Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award. RITA Award. The Black Cameron by Jean S. My Tender Fury by Margaret Malcolm.

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Stevie, Student Nurse by Marguerite Lees. House on Flamingo Cay by Anne Weale. The Doctor's Daughters by Anne Weale. Heart of the Hospital by Anne Vinton. Ship's Surgeon by Celine Conway. Surgeon for Tonight by Elizabeth Houghton. Quayside Hospital by Hilda Nickson. River Nurse by Joyce Dingwell. Inherit My Heart by Mary Burchell. Apple Island by Gladys Fullbrook. A baby for Doctor Jane by Elizabeth Gilzean. The Silver Dolphin by Anne Weale. Helping Doctor Medway by Jan Haye.

Young Doctor Ashley by Marjorie Norrell. By Candlelight by Sara Seale. House surgeon at St. Anne's by Mary Hunton. Ward Hostess by Marguerite Lees. Scatterbrains - Student Nurse by Margaret Malcolm. A Case in the Alps by Margaret Baumann. The Surgeon's Marriage by Kathryn Blair. The Gentle Surgeon by Hilda Pressley. Back Room Girl by Marguerite Lees. South to Forget by Essie Summers. Artic Nurse by Elizabeth Gilzean. Desert Nurse by Jane Arbor.

Hospital Under the Jacarandas by Juliet Shore. The Hospital of Fatima by Isobel Chace. The Youngest Bridesmaid by Sara Seale. Sister at Ryeminster by Ivy Ferrari. Islands of Summer by Anne Weale. Nurse Rita of the recovery-room by Lucy Bowdler. Nurse Maria by Marion Collin.

All I Ask by Anne Weale. Shadows in the ward by Nora Sanderson. Doctor Pilgrim's Progress by Anne Vinton. The Timber Man by Joyce Dingwell. Sugar Island by Jean S. Beloved Tyrant by Violet Winspear. Journey to Love by Hilda Pressley. The Path of the Moonfish by Betty Beaty. The English Boss by Joyce Dingwell. Patricia and the Rosefields by Kate Starr. No Legacy for Lindsay by Essie Summers.

A House for Sharing by Isobel Chace. Serenade for Doctor Bray by Juliet Shore. Desert Doctor by Violet Winspear. Lake of Shadows by Jane Arbor. Christina Comes to Town by Anne Weale. Man of Destiny by Rose Burghley. A Song Begins by Mary Burchell. A Woman Alone by Margaret Baumann. Crane Castle by Jean S. Hospital of Bamboo by Juliet Shore. The Feast of Sara by Anne Weale. Bride's Dilemma by Violet Winspear. Lady in Harley Street by Anne Vinton.

If this Should Be by Hilda Pressley. The Wolf of Heimra by Jean S. The Night of the Hurricane by Anne Weale. Kingfisher Tide by Jane Arbor.

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Terrace in the Sun by Anne Weale. They Came to Valeira by Rosalind Brett. Brittle Bondage by Rosalind Brett. The Tower of the Captive by Violet Winspear. Love This Stranger by Rosalind Brett. The Viking Stranger by Violet Winspear. And No Regrets by Rosalind Brett. The Drummer of Corrae by Jean S. The rhythm of flamenco by Isobel Chace. Winds of Enchantment by Rosalind Brett. A Change for Clancy by Amanda Doyle.

Brazilian Affair by Rachel Lindsay. Surgery in the Hills by Ivy Ferrari. The Captain's Table by Alex Stuart.

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The Gentle Prisoner by Sara Seale. The Secret marriage by Isobel Chace. Under the Stars of Paris by Mary Burchell. The Man from the Valley by Joyce Dingwell. Heir to Windrush Hill by Essie Summers. Postscript to Yesterday by Essie Summers. The Atlantic Sky by Betty Beaty.

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Business Affair by Rachel Lindsay. Highest Peak by Wynne May. Till the Tide Turns by Ann Gilmour. The Valley of Aloes by Wynne May. Journey to an Island by Hilary Wilde. Flowering Wilderness by Kathryn Blair. To Catch a Unicorn by Sara Seale. The Sea Waif by Anne Weale. Wife Without Kisses by Violet Winspear.

The Feel of Silk by Joyce Dingwell. Price of Love by Rachel Lindsay. Love and Lucy Granger by Rachel Lindsay. The Master of Keills by Jean S. Accompanied by His Wife by Mary Burchell. A Taste for Love by Joyce Dingwell. The Strange Waif by Violet Winspear. Rose of the Desert by Roumelia Lane. Play the Tune Softly by Amanda Doyle.

Golden Apple Island by Jane Arbor. Wife to Christopher by Mary Burchell. Grotto of Jade by Margery Hilton. The Shadow and the Sun by Amanda Doyle. Hideaway Heart by Roumelia Lane. Miss Miranda's Walk by Betty Beaty. Dear Barbarian by Janice Gray. Paradise Island by Linda Lael Miller. Wild crocus by Kathryn Blair.

Tender Is the Tyrant by Violet Winspear. Backveld Hospital by Jean Dunbar. I and My Heart by Joyce Dingwell. When Love is Blind by Mary Burchell. The Bolambo Affair by Rosalind Brett. Winter is Past by Anne Weale. A Cluster of Palms by Wynne May. Nurse Smith, Cook by Joyce Dingwell. Beloved Castaway by Violet Winspear. South from Sounion by Anne Weale. The Last of the Mallorys by Kay Thorpe. Desert Gold by Pamela Kent. House of the Winds by Roumelia Lane. Mask of Gold by Rachel Lindsay. Summer Island by Jean S. Alien Corn by Rachel Lindsay.

Mountain of Dreams by Barbara Rowan. Laura's by Elizabeth Gilzean. The Court of the Veils by Violet Winspear. The Isle of Song by Hilary Wilde. Pretence by Roberta Leigh. The Wild Land by Isobel Chace. Wintersbride by Sara Seale. Wild Sonata by Susan Barrie. Devon Interlude by Kay Thorpe. Venice Affair by Joyce Dingwell.

Hotel By the Loch by Iris Danbury. Dutch Uncle by Margery Hilton. Strange as a Dream by Flora Kidd. The Garden of Persephone by Carla Neggers. Queen's Counsel by Alex Stuart. Stranger's Trespass by Jane Arbor. Hotel Southerly by Joyce Dingwell. The Bay of Moonlight by Rose Burghley. Beloved Sparrow by Henrietta Reid. The Master of Normanhurst by Margaret Malcolm. The Shining Star by Hilary Wilde. Dearly Beloved by Mary Burchell. The Dream and the Dancer by Eleanor Farnes. The Hospital in Buwambo by Nico Rosso. The Man in Command by Anne Weale.

Rosalind Comes Home by Essie Summers. Teacher's Must Learn by Nerina Hilliard. Still Waters by Marguerite Lees. Doctor Luke by Lilian Chisholm. Wish on a Star by Patricia Fenwick. Whispering Palms by Rosalind Brett. A Summer to Love by Roumelia Lane. Wind So Gay by Flora Kidd. The Truant Bride by Sara Seale. Hospital in Sudan by Anne Vinton.

Above the Clouds by Esther Wyndham. Meet on My Ground by Essie Summers. A Kiss in a Gondola by Katrina Britt. Love's Prisoner by Violet Winspear. One Coin in the Fountain by Anita Charles. The Dangerous Delight by Violet Winspear. Falcon's Keep by Henrietta Reid. Tawny are the Leaves by Wynne May. Crown of Content by Janice Gray. The Blue Rose by Esther Wyndham. Revolt - and Virginia by Essie Summers. Dragon Bay by Violet Winspear. The Walled Garden by Margaret Malcolm. Spanish Lace by Joyce Dingwell. Peppercorn Harvest by Ivy Ferrari.

The Hills of Maketu by Gloria Bevan. Tangle in Sunshine by Rosalind Brett. Afraid to Dream by Lilian Chisholm. Nurse Atholl Returns by Jane Arbor. Magic Symphony by Eleanor Farnes. Cruise to Curacao by Belinda Dell. Demi-Semi Nurse by Joyce Dingwell. Palace of the Peacocks by Violet Winspear. Wind Through the Vineyards by Juliet Armstrong. The Song and the Sea by Isobel Chace. The Silent Valley by Jean S. The Young Amanda by Sara Seale. Girl Crusoe by Margery Hilton. The Kindled Fire by Essie Summers. Keeper of the Heart by Gwen Westwood.

Dear Doctor Marcus by Barbara Perkins. The Cypress Garden by Jane Arbor. Dark Inheritance by Roberta Leigh. Hope for Tomorrow by Anne Weale. Witchery Island by Ruth Clemence. Tamboti Moon by Wynne May. Sea of Zanj by Roumelia Lane. Such Is Love by Mary Burchell. Come Back, Elizabeth by Esther Wyndham. The Drummer and the Song by Joyce Dingwell. Chateau of Pines by Iris Danbury. Dangerous Enchantment by Anne Mather. Dark Star by Nerina Hilliard. Love in the afternoon by Rose Burghley.

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The Curtain Rises by Mary Burchell. Eternal Summer by Anne Hampson. The Girl for Gillgong by Amanda Doyle. Towards the Dawn by Jane Arbor. Second Chance by Joyce Dingwell. Nobody Asked Me by Mary Burchell. Caprice in Hospital Blue by Anne Vinton. A Man Apart by Jane Donnelly. Except My Love by Mary Burchell.

Mills & Boon Tall, Dark, Texas Ranger The Quilt Shop in Kerry Springs Book 3

Night Sister at St. Aubyn's by Anne Vinton. The Green Parakeets by Hilary Wilde. Unwary Heart by Anne Hampson. The Man at Marralomeda by Hilary Wilde. Rising Star by Kay Thorpe. Whisper of Doubt by Anne Weale. Home to White Wings by Jean Dunbar. Design for Loving by Margaret Baumann. Shadows from the Sea by Jane Donnelly. The Ross inheritance by Lucy Gillen. The Imperfect Secretary by Marjorie Lewty. Vengeful Heart by Roberta Leigh.

Interlude in Arcady by Margery Hilton. Whispering Ones by Jane Donnelly. Whisper to the Stars by Hettie Grimstead. Love Alters Not by Flora Kidd. A Fine Romance by Katrina Britt. Crown of Flowers by Joyce Dingwell. Pilgrim's Castle by Violet Winspear. The Legend of Lexandros by Anne Mather. Green leaves by Rosalind Brett.

Dancing on My Heart by Belinda Dell. Cloud Castle by Sara Seale. The Only Charity by Sara Seale. A Nightingale in the Sycamore by Jane Beaufort. Isle of Pomegranates by Iris Danbury. The Doctor's Delusion by Marion Collin. Enchanted Autumn by Mary Whistler. Flight to the Stars by Pamela Kent. Island of Secrets by Henrietta Reid. That Young Person by Sara Seale. Blue Jasmine by Violet Winspear. A Wife for Andrew by Lucy Gillen. Reluctant Masquerade by Henrietta Reid. Cindy, Tread Lightly by Karin Mutch. Bright Wilderness by Gwen Westwood.

The Unwilling Bride by Violet Winspear. Admiral's House by Nan Asquith. September Street by Joyce Dingwell. Stranger in the Dark by Jane Donnelly. Tangled Tapestry by Anne Mather. The Silver Fishes by Lucy Gillen. Rustle of Bamboo by Celine Conway. Imitation Marriage by Phyllis Matthewman. The Joshua Tree by Jean S. Walk into the Wind by Jane Arbor. Healer of Hearts by Katrina Britt. The Distant Trap by Gloria Bevan. Terminus Tehran by Roumelia Lane. The Autocrat of Melhurst by Anne Hampson.

Love Made the Choice by Mary Burchell. Valley of Flowers by Kathryn Blair. Where Breezes Falter by Wynne May. Victoria by Joyce Dingwell. Beyond the Sweet Waters by Anne Hampson. Next Stop Gretna by Belinda Dell. Lord of Zaracus by Anne Mather. Frail Sanctuary by Margery Hilton. The Man in Authority by Jean S. Bird of Paradis by Margaret Rome.

The Hawk and the Dove by Anne Hampson. Summer in December by Essie Summers. Sullivan's Reef by Anne Weale.

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My Beautiful Heathen by Lucy Gillen. The Rosewood Box by Mary Burchell. The Family Face by Bethea Creese. Now and Always by Anne Weale. Hunter's Moon by Henrietta Reid. The Inshine Girl by Margery Hilton. The House in the Foothills by Mons Daveson. Turn the Page by Nan Asquith. Doctor Toby by Lucy Gillen. Little Sister by Mary Burchell. The Romantic Heart by Norrey Ford. Sweet Revenge by Anne Mather. Take the Far Dream by Jane Donnelly.

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Serenade at Santa Rosa by Danbury. Heir to Glen Ghyll by Lucy Gillen. Night of the Singing Birds by Susan Barrie. Parisian Adventure by Elizabeth Ashton. Beloved Ballerina by Roberta Leigh. Time of Curtainfall by Margery Hilton. The Chateau of St. Avrell by Violet Winspear. When the Bough Breaks by Anne Hampson. Bitter Masquerade by Margery Hilton. The Time of the Jacaranda by Margaret Way.